49 Premium & Free Corporate Fonts for your Next Project (2022)

By CreativB Studios – 01 April 2022

Finding good fonts nowadays has become a bit difficult with so many websites providing them whether for free or for a price.

So what we have done is gone through some credible sources for fonts and compiled a list, so you don’t have to waste your time going through so many websites to find THE ONE.

This list of 49 premium & free fonts contain:

  • 39 Premium Fonts
  • 9 Free For Commercial Use Fonts
  • 1 Free for Personal Use Font

Now, we understand that not everyone can afford $50+ for a single font family (we cant either), so out of the 39 premium fonts listed down below, most of them are available on Envato Elements.

The best thing about using Envato Elements from our personal experience is that it provides unlimited downloads of fonts, graphic templates, Video templates, and much more for just $16.50/month. 

You can click the button down below to read all about the features:

49 Corporate Fonts

Metrisch is a sans-serif typeface with 7 weights plus 7 italics.

Works well for editorial fashion magazines, solid headlines, website heading, posters, advertising, logo, signage, etc

Also, Metrisch type-family is fully loaded with OpenType features such as some stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, fractions, small capitals, and other most common numerals features such as super & subscript, tabular & old-style figures, numerator-denominator, and has more extended Latin diacritics characters.

Heco a sans serif typeface look with simple, clean and visual elegance with smooth curves and beautiful ligatures.

A very versatile font that works in both large and small sizes. This font is suitable for a wide variety of projects such as headlines, logos, labels, branding projects, magazines, homeware designs, product packaging, mugs, quotes, posters, and more.

EB Corp is designed to be fit for corporate nuances.

It consists of 18 styles from Thin to Black, contains 470+ glyphs that support broad Latin language, contains a variation of linning figures, and some alternated glyphs.

Morjuis is a serif typeface that is best used for display purposes such as logo, brochure, magazines, etc.

Vanio is a wedge serif font family that is crafted with precision focused on both art and legibility.

Vanio consists of 10 styles from regular to extra bold with each matching italics. It contains more than 460 glyphs that support broad Latin languages. Also, contain several OpenType features; Ligature, old-style figures, fraction, and other variation of figures.

Anko is a mixed style of Old Style Roman serif.

Contain 8 weight with more than 450 glyphs that support extended Latin language, also with some OpenType features such as standard and discretionary ligature and variation of numeral figures.

Sovereign is a sans-serif typeface that is best for Urban Lifestyle-based companies.

It can be used for Logo & Label Design, Apparel Design, Web and Banners, Advertising, T-shirts, Brochures, And more!

Helios is a futuristic typeface with rounded and regular corner options.

It includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Some letters also have alternate versions which you can toggle with caps lock.

This typeface can be used for companies that have a futuristic message they want to convey.

A modern typeface specifically made for fashion, sci-fi, cinematic and unique statements with a special charm that makes it perfect for beautiful headlines, branding, logotypes & display usage.

WALTER comes with 5 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold & Heavy) along with italic versions of all weights.

A modern minimalist typeface specifically made for luxury, fashion, and stylish statements with its unique flair that makes it perfect for beautiful headlines, branding, logotypes & display usage.

HANOVER comes with 4 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold) along with italic versions of all 4 weights. 

Shield simple sans serif fonts look simple, clean, and have visual elegance with smooth curves and beautiful ligatures.

The font is perfect for all business sectors including personal projects, studio, corporate, creative agency, industrial, film or movie, etc.

Introducing SA Woodland Hills – a clean, elegant, modern typeface that you can use in packaging or branding, creating beautiful logos, headlines, quotes and any other printed matter.

Allrox has a simple and elegant style, it will be very suitable for a logo.

PRODIGA Font Display. Strong-striking font with boxy and sharp feeling. Suits best for poster designs, headlines, typography projects (construction, resistance, solidarity, movement, revolution), E-Sport logos, sports jersey text, etc.

HARTONE – is a bold display typeface, with bold characters, this font is perfect for headlines, posters, movie titles, Games, branding and others.

Lato is a sans serif typeface family. The semi-rounded details of the letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness.

GRUPO3 has a strong feel to it that can be used for modern headlines for posters, magazines, etc.

Objectivity is a free geometric font family, open to the whole world. Its name says for itself – Objectivity is objective, neutral and clean.

The font family was designed to be a workhorse for you, so it comes in 8 weights, 16 styles, 347 glyphs per font.

This makes it perfectly suitable for many projects – logotypes, identities, packaging, web design, posters, headlines and even texts.

Nox is a sans-serif typeface that you can use for headlines for magazines, websites, etc. It consists of 4 weights.

Acworth font is usable for editorial, web look, magazines, branding, poster, invitation, photography, watermark, website titles, invitations, labels, logos, business cards, quotes or as a logo.

Gila is a free Sans Serif Font Family is a modern, minimalist, simplistic, and eye-pleasing font that brings forth crisp and clean lines with the same width throughout characters that can create appeasing projects.

Shrimp is free for personal use Sans Serif Font was carefully crafted to form a structured, strong, and stylish letter form. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numeral, and symbols, and supports multilingual.

Helvetica was designed by Matthew Carter, Max Miedinger, and Edouard Hoffmann and published by Linotype. Helvetica contains 34 styles and family package options. The font is currently #11 in Best Sellers. multilingual.

Futura’s long ascenders and descenders benefit from generous line spacing. The range of weights and styles make it a versatile family. Futura is timelessly modern; in 1928 it was striking, tasteful, radical — and today it continues to be a popular typographic choice to express strength, elegance, and conceptual clarity.

Lufga is a geometric sans serif font family with unique characters for a touch of distinction. 

Simple yet sophisticated, this typeface design gives a clean and modern appearance while carrying some almost retro tones. 

Most notably, the lowercase g and u make it recognizable for your branding applications, and there are also stylistic alternates to help give a little different presentation when needed.

A neutral workhorse for any purpose, rational, clear, clean, and functional: 7 weights, ramping from light to black, with small caps, files prepared for Webfont use. Ideal use on signage systems and rational architecture.

Noir is a sans serif font family of 12 fonts with contemporary aesthetics heavily influenced by early 20th century geometric typefaces. While having its geometric structure it carries organic personality with touch of warmth injected to each form.

Simple, round font that is perfect for vintage advertisements, absolutely any introductions, presentations. Clear, concise, the best – CornerOne.

Include all letters, numbers, and some glyphs. Available in 2 styles: bold & regular, and in 2 alphabets: latin & cyrillic.

Visby is a geometric typeface inspired by the stark beauty and crisp air of the Arctic. Friendly and charismatic in lowercase; sophisticated and authoritative in uppercase.

RNS Miles font family combines geometric shapes, open forms and grotesk mood for achieve a harmonic, neutral and low contrast shapes. Clearly influenced by Modernism it’s designed specially for headlines, titles and subtitles.

Magdelin is a minimal yet warm gothic sans serif typeface consisting of 40 fonts with normal and alternate families.

Metropolis font is a classic revival, a combination of modern and classic art.

This elegant and versatile serif typeface captures the essence of the classic and modern city, the dualism between the working class and the city planners.

Metropolis includes 254 glyphs and comprises thin, light, regular, and bold weights with corresponding true italics.

The Montserrat Project began with the idea to rescue what is in Montserrat and set it free under a libre license, the SIL Open Font License.

The Montserrat project is led by Julieta Ulanovsky, a type designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To contribute, see github.com/JulietaUla/Montserrat

Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a popular design tool ever since these actors took to the world’s stage. Poppins is one of the newcomers to this long tradition. With support for the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take on the genre.

Titillium is born inside the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino as a didactic project Course Type design of the Master of Visual Design Campi Visivi.

League Spartan, the typeface I had been using for my personal brand, only contains one weight. Given the fact that it is an open-source font, I used this font as an opportunity to learn font development. The result is a free 7 weight family based on a single, bold weight.

BD Megatoya font includes an extended character set of over 1400 glyphs, multilingual support such as Southeastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe.

BD Megatoya is suitable for branding projects and many designs purpose like advertising, posters, invitations, branding, logos, magazines, merchandise, presentations, etc.

Gayaku is a Modern Sans Serif

A new Sans serif that we created especially for a modern feel, unique shape, and corporate style that will add the value of your brand. It so nice to leverage designers or product owners that need solutions to make their designs look more unique and modern.

Artifex CF is a text-friendly serif, designed to be easy on the eyes and melt into the page or screen. Artifex’s smooth serifs and elegant italics let text flow effortlessly.

Introducing SA Nevada – a heart-warming hand drawn font that will inspired by old american logos.

Perfect for writing out uplifting quotes, wall art or greeting cards. It will also be there for you if you need to design some charming packaging or branding.

Jakobenz is a vintage serif font crafted very carefully, available in two styles: Clean and Rough version. Jakobenz is perfect use for a logo for branding, typography design, badge design, product packaging, invitation, quotes, t-shirt design, label poster, special events and anything that need vintage taste.

If you like a bold and powerful all-caps sans-serif font to make your message stand out, Gunterz can be the choice to maximize your goals.

Available in four weights and its matching italics, Gunterz is designed to meet font needs in a variety of different situations.

Candice Sports Game Sans Serif Display Font is perfect for your upcoming projects.

Such as logo branding, editorial design, esport design, Fitness Gym Branding, game/gaming industry, sports racing, supercar brand, esport branding, music poster, website design, modern advertising design, poster quote, book/cover title, special events and any more.

Svelte is condensed serif family. Its consist of upright styles from Regular to ExtraBold. Fit for display, short text, and stacked typesetting. Its contain 394 glyphs with broad latin language coverage.

Gendis Body is a display typeface, that comes in strong styles. This typeface is perfect for all your creative work such as branding projects, packaging design, ads, and more.

Widy is a geometric sans serif font, which features 9 styles. It’s based on the Futura developed by Paul Renner and neo sans-serif fonts. At the same time, it has significant stylistic differences.

Inspired by human masterpieces in the form of prism stones that provide potential energy for the environment, like this font, which will give additional energy to every work you do. will look more elegant, stylish and modern.

TRIUMPH WIDE FONT will be perfect for many projects: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, postcard, book, websites, etc.

Constructio Grotesk is a sans serif font that has an extreme bold body, but still has high contrast. This font is very unique, because it has several glyphs with out-of-box anatomy, such as: G, S, a, e, g, and s. Also some other glyphs on numerals and punctuation.

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