Logo Variations: How Many Should a Brand Have?

By CreativB Studios – 31 May 2022

Logo variations are quite important for brands and when we talk about brands it doesn’t mean just the logo.

So before getting into the logo variations, let’s find out the basics.

What is a Brand?

A brand is how other people perceive your business, it is a special connection one has that is built on the basis of how they feel when they come across your business.

It could be an instagram post, blog post, an ad, etc. 

Brand is much more than the graphics you see, its the way you market the business, the service you provide, product you sell, and the way you communicate with you customer.

All of that builds a relationship between the customer and the business.

Why is a Logo Important for a Brand?

Imagine a brand without a logo, you can just use the name but how would that separate you from your competitors?

The reason why a logo is so important for a brand is because it is an identification of a business. It is a way of reminding people of their connection without the use of words.

It helps in grabbing peoples attention and separating your brand from the rest.

Why are Logo Variations Important?

Logo variations are important because they provide versatility to a brand.

Imagine you want to manufacture a keychain with your brand logo on it but your current logo is too big for the keychain. This puts a limit on what your brand can achieve.

With logo variations you will have one that is small and visible to be engraved on a keychain, this is why logo variations are so important.

It gives you the peace of mind that your logo is flexible enough to be placed anywhere no matter the orientation or the size.

Logo variations: how many should yo u have

How Many Logo Variations Should You Have?

Anywhere between 3-6 Logo variations are ideal.

Anything more than that won’t practically be used and would just confuse the customer and anything less than that isn’t versatile enough.

What are the 6 Logo Variations?

Now that you know why logo variations are important and how many should you have, lets discuss about the types of logo variations:

1) Primary Logo

As the name suggests, a primary logo is the main logo of your brand that would be placed all over social media and printed on your business card and letterhead. 

It could be horizontal or a vertical version.

Primary Logo variation

2) Secondary Logo

A secondary logo uses the same elements as the primary logo but with different layout.

If your primary logo is a vertical then you secondary logo could be horizontal.

Secondary Logo variation

3) Wordmark Logo

Wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name alone.

So a brand should always have a logo variation with just the name of the business.

Word Mark Logo Variation

4) Pictorial Mark Logo

A pictorial mark is an icon—or graphics-based logo. It’s the type that is commonly thought of when we talk about logos.

Pictorial Mark Logo Variation

5) Sub Mark Logo

Sub mark logo can be thought of as a simplified version of an emblem logo that can be placed in a small circular space.

Submark logo variation

6) Single Coloured Logo

A logo variation that works on a single color is a useful variation.

It could be for packaging where the cost depends on the number of colors being used.

Single colored logo variation

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