Home Office Setup Idea: Graphic Design Edition

By CreativB Studios – 13 May 2022

In this article, we will be discussing home office setup idea for graphic designers which includes as much information about the monitor, the laptop/pc, desk accessories, ergonomic chair.

Being a graphic designer is about sitting in a chair and staring at a screen all day whether you work at an office or at home, so it’s best to have a comfortable desk setup where you can relax and be productive.

Home Office Setup Idea: Graphic Design Edition

Minimal Home Office Setup

Having a minimal office setup may not appeal to many people but it has its quirks and seems to be in trend.

Benefits of Minimal Home Office Setup

  • Lesser Distraction: Having a minimal setup leads to fewer distractions and improves productivity and lesser screen time.
  • Saves Money: Lesser things, More money you save!
  • Easy to Clean: Less things on the desk, easier to clean!

1) Three Device Setup | Minimal

Single Monitor minimal home office Setup

A two or three-device setup could be a laptop connected to a monitor along with a tablet or it could be a PC, laptop, and a tablet.

This is a perfect home office setup for a graphic designer as it has a primary, secondary, and tertiary system.

The wall-mounted shelf above the desk is very practical as many daily use objects can be placed there.

2) Single Monitor Setup | Minimal (Personal Favorite)

Single Monitor minimal home office Setup

This single monitor is my personal favorite. It includes a single device and a single monitor that is big enough to work on any sort of project and has a minimal-designed keyboard and mouse.

This is the most productive setup as it only has a single screen which means no distractions.

The dark and moody vibe of the setup is also very aesthetic for when you feel like taking pictures for the insta family. 

3) Two Device Setup | Minimal

Two Device minimal home office Setup

A two device setup which includes a pc and an ipad with ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. 

No desk decorations, no wall mounted pictures. Its simple and another great setup to increase productivity. 

4) Web Design Setup | Minimal

Web Design minimal home office Setup

The most minimal setup in this list is perfect for web designers.

The key element is the empty space with a holder for your MacBook or any other laptop that you can quickly take when you’re in a hurry. This is home office setup is also budget-friendly as it only includes the essentials with a tiny plant.

But a slight disadvantage is that it’s an all-white setup which means no food or drinks on the table.

RGB Home Office Setup

Now, if you aren’t into minimal desk setups you can check out RGB Desk setups. If you dont know what an RGB setup is then….you must live under a rock. 

An RGB setup includes the use of RGB lights in your setup, it could be RGB strip lights, RGB mouse and keyboard, RGB hardware in your PC, and even RGB desk.

1) Ultrawide Setup | RGB

Ultrawide RGB home office Setup

An ultrawide setup with a minimal RGB look that works for graphic designers and part-time gamers. 

What makes this setup even cooler is the open frame chassis through which you can see the rgb pc components and the neon signs around the desk.

2) The Streamer Setup | RGB

The Streamer RGB home office Setup

The streamer setup is quite different from all the setups you see on twitch. This is a much more minimalistic version which is perfect for full-time graphic designers and part-time streamers.

If you’re looking for something that is powerful, aesthetic and blends in with your room then this is the setup to go for.

3) Single Monitor Setup | RGB

Single Monitor RGB home office Setup

A budget-friendly setup with a single monitor, all you need is some rgb stripe lights, rgb keyboard and whatever that is personal to you.

If you have some extra cash you can always get a bigger screen for some extra viewing angle. 

The reason why this setup makes the list is because of how comfortable and aesthetic the home office setup is.

Black & White Home Office Setup

Another category on this list is the black & white home office setup which isn’t the most colorful, but definitely is aesthetically pleasing and blends very well with rooms that have a neutral colored theme. 

The only disadvantage we can think of is how easily it can get dirty and how hard it can be to get it cleaned.

1) The "Professional" Setup | Black & White

The "Professional" black & White home office Setup

The reason why we gave this the name “The “Professional” setup” is because it has everything a professional graphic designer would need with a powerful system and a mounted dual monitor with a TV mounted above the dual monitor.

The key factor in this setup are the triangle wall mounted lights that you can control with a remote. 

2) Ultrawide Setup | Black & White

Ultrawide black & White home office Setup

An ultrawide dark and moody setup for the ones that work late at night.

This setup is another one of my favorites because of how organized and aesthetically pleasing it looks from the white table top and matte black mouse pad to the art mounted on the wall.

3) Minimal Single Monitor Setup | Black & White

Minimal Single Monitor black & White home office Setup

If you are someone that loves minimalism then this setup could inspire you to upgrade.

What makes this setup unique is the amount of space occupied. 

Even with such a small space to work with this setup has it all because of the table layout which can hold a monitor, PC, keyboard, and matte black mouse pad.

There is so much space for storage you can keep your staplers, paper, even snacks for some mid work hunger.

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