4 youtube channels for graphic designing

Want to start graphic designing but not sure how? Here are the Top 4 youtube channels to learn graphic designing in 2022.

4 youtube channels for graphic designing

A British graphic designer with a following of 866k as of now on youtube where he provides tutorials, free resources, and much more that’s related to graphic designing.

Youtube Channel that focuses on developing creative professionals. They focus on the fundamentals through tutorials, demos, and sharing top tips to make you a better designer, creator, and storyteller. Their goal is to sharpen your skills, so you can increase your value in the marketplace.

PiXimperfect is a youtube channel hosted by Unmesh Dinda whose aim is to provide free resources for learning photoshop and lightroom.

With over 450+ videos on his channel, you can find various topics on photoshop from beginner to advanced level.

William Paterson is a graphic designer who specializes in logo design and hand lettering.

As he specializes in logo design and hand lettering, his youtube channel is based around those topics. The most famous videos include reviewing his subscriber’s logos and giving them tips on how they can improve them.

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