Vector Illustration: Top 5 Free Websites to Use for Your Next Project

By CreativB Studios – 13 March 2022

Vector Illustration: Top 5 Free Websites to Use for Your Next Project

Every graphic designer needs vector illustration for various projects and sometimes making the illustration can be time-consuming especially when it’s a part of a bigger project such as a social media post design.

Vector Illustration: Top 5 Free Websites to Use for Your Next Project

Difference Between Vector Based illustration and Raster Based illustration?

Vector graphics are digital art that is rendered by a computer using a mathematical formula. In simple words, if you enlarge a vector graphic it will NOT pixelate thus you can use it for various projects.

Raster images are made up of tiny pixels, making them resolution-dependent and best used for creating photos. In simple words, if you enlarge a raster image it will pixelate and the reduce the quality of an image.

Now that you know the difference between vector based illustration and raster based illustration, You can make a better judgement on what illustrations to go for in your project.

Here are some websites that provide vector illustration for free:

Undraw is a website that has two categories: Illustration and Handcrafts. In which, Handcrafts category consists of hand-drawn illustrations. The best part about it is that you can change the color of the illustrations before downloading them.

Undraw is a very useful website as they provide tools that integrate with various software; unDraw X for Adobe Creative Cloud, Symbols for Miro, Moodful, unDraw for Adobe XD, Echoes for Framer, and Evie.

Themeisle is a website that consists of 500+ Vector illustrations. You can download all 500+ Vector illustration with just a click of a button. They also allow changing of color before downloading any vector.

Themeisle can be used for free for non-commercial and commercial purposes. They also provide free and premium themes for WordPress.

Freebie supply is a small team of creatives that collects, and catalogs free design resources made by talented people who choose to share their work with the community. It consists of all sorts of free resources such as Vector illustration (e.g Free isometric illustrations, mockups, etc) to WordPress themes.

Highly recommended for freelancers that provide graphic design services as it as all in one website for free resources.

Free illustrations have different categories in terms of file format, they provide free vector illustrations in formats such as AI, PSD, GIF, EPS, Figma, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SKETCH, SVG, XD, and STUDIO. 

If you’re a fresh freelancer that’s providing graphic design services then this is the perfect website to keep coming to as it contains free isometric illustrations and much more that can be used in your next project.

IconScout is a project of LottieFiles, they provide various tools and resources from illustrations (e.g Free Isometric Illustration), animations, and icons. Lottiefiles make it easy to incorporate animation in a WordPress-based website as well.

The only downside about this site for free vector illustration is that they have a limited number of illustration that are available for free commercial use.

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