15 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Graphic Designers (2022)

By CreativB Studios – 29 April 2022

Graphic Designers are unpredictable creatures that are sometimes amused by either the smallest of things or just technology and nothing else.

So, to save you some time we took the time finding the right christmas gifts for graphic designers of all types in different price ranges.

From desk organizers to laptops, we have covered all types of christmas gifts to give to a graphic designer.

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Let's Start with a Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts Option First

This list contains a range of options that suits your budget for a Christmas gift for your graphic designer partner, sibling, child, or even a close friend.

Work can get hectic at times and for a graphic designer, the number of feedbacks, and briefs they receive on a daily basis can make their workspace messy.

So, a super cute post-it note dispenser for their desk is christmas gift to get as it makes their work process easier and more organized. 

Not every graphic designer draws but they do need to sketch their designs for approval before converting it digitally.

The Best way to keep all their sketches clean and well organized so that it will be easier for them to explain their sketches for approval  or show it to their clients is by getting a set of Planner colored pens.

This set consists of 18 colored pens at a very budget friendly price. You can pair this with the gift mentioned above.

Creative people tend to be more forgetful than the rest making it essential for them to keep a journal.

This amazing budget-friendly christmas gift is an all-in-one visual schedular where they write down their appointments, To-Do List, water intake, and much more.

These little multicolored cat figurines can be used as a pen holder, eyeglass holder, earphone holder, mobile phone holder, etc., which is very suitable for decorating home bookshelves or office desks.

They are cute, funny, and useful to have around your workspace to liven up the environment.

Mousepad Size : 9.8 X 11.8 X 0.1 inch (250mm X 300mm X 3mm) 

I am sure EVERYONE has seen this meme all over the weird online world. This meme describes 90% of people at work.

So it’s fair to say this would be a very funny christmas gift to give to anyone.

Every adult starts their day with a cup of coffee (or Tea) to be able to function for the rest of the day.

This christmas gift is the safest option to go for if you aren’t sure what to get them.

And it’s safe to say that people at work won’t confuse their mugs with this one.

A messy desk is one of the signs of a graphic designer.

This christmas gift can help them organize their desk and have a cleaner environment.

A cleaner work space helps productivity as you dont have to spend time finding the things you need and it helps your mind to think clearer.

A very handy tool for graphic designers that have the habit of being a perfectionist when it comes to sketching.

This could satisfy their perfectionist habit as this allows sketching at perfect lines, curves, and lines.

After the pandemic, some companies have opted for permanent work from home and some people have moved on to become full-time freelancers.

Meaning staying long hours in your home at your desk. Dust is something that is unavoidable and cleaning it every hour is time-consuming if you have pets.

So, an air purifier reduces Dust, Smog, Smoke & Pet Dander to help keep the air Fresh & Clean

Now Lets move on to More Expensive Christmas Gifts Option

Having a graphic tablet as a graphic designer makes the workflow a lot easier due to its accuracy and pen pressure capability.

Whereas this combination of a keyboard and graphic tablet makes it a lot more easier and eliminates the use of an external keyboard to some degree.


A Pantone color guide is something every graphic designer needs for every single project.

Having a set of these outside of office can be useful for freelance work or even work from home.

A graphic tablet has already been mentioned above but, not everyone is comfortable using such a combination, and the fact that the drawing size isn’t that big may not be suitable for all.

Thats why most graphic designers/artist prefer a graphic tablet that is larger in size and has good pressure sensitivity.

The more pressure-sensitive the tablet the more fine drawings you can get with you design/art.

A good monitor as a christmas gift can make a graphic designer all giddy.

Especially when it can be converted into a vertical screen and be used in a dual monitor system.

A graphic designer has loads of uses for a dual monitor system and even more uses if they’re a gamer.

Screen Size31.5 Inches
Resolution4K UHD 2160p
Display TechnologyLED
Hardware InterfaceUSB

Being a graphic designer and having an iPad has become a norm in some places.

It has so many uses, from sketches for logo design, low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes, photo editing, animations, and much more.

Model NameIPad Pro
Screen Size11 Inches
Operating SystemIPadOS
Memory Storage Capacity512 GB

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