Are Drawing Tablets Worth it for Beginners?

By CreativB Studios – 19 May 2022

Drawing Tablets are mainly used by illustrators and animators, but should you invest in one if you’re a beginner.

It truly depends on the type of work you do or want to do, if you are a traditional artist and looking to be a digital artist, then a drawing tablet would be perfect for you.

As it allows you to physically draw with a pen onto a screen that senses how much pressure is being exerted onto the screen for a much more precise drawing experience.

But drawing tablets aren’t cheap and investing in one as a beginner could not be the right move for you yet, we will discuss the alternatives for drawing tablets further in the article.

drawing tablet

Difference Between Graphics Tablet and Drawing Tablet

The main difference between a graphics tablet and a drawing tablet is that the prior needs an external screen and an operating system to function whereas the latter has a screen and an operating screen built-in so that you can draw on the screen.

drawing vs graphic tablet

Although both of these tablets serve the same purpose but the way they achieve it is different, so much so that it plays a major part in your work (and your wallet).

Now that you briefly know the differences between a graphics tablet and a drawing tablet, is getting one the right move for you as a beginner? Let’s find out!

Are Drawing Tablets a Good idea for Beginners?

As a beginner, it’s best to not focus on the equipment rather it’s best to focus on the fundamentals of your skills

Drawing tablets are much more expensive compared to graphic tablets, making such a big investment in the beginning is not ideal as many people tend to not continue with learning a skill because they might get bored of it or find it too difficult to continue.

Its actually better to learn with what you have, and once you’re sure that this is a skill you want to continue learning and working in then you can start investing on resources.

If you are already a skilled traditional artist looking to transition in digital art then you will not be considered as a beginner thus you can invest on a drawing tablet.

When to invest in Drawing Tablets

As mentioned previously once you’ve had enough success and feel that having more resources would further push your success, then is the right time to invest.

But only if you can afford a drawing tablet, there are cheaper alternatives to a drawing tablet. As a professional-grade drawing tablet could cost you anywhere between $300 – $2500 it would be better to start off with a cheaper alternative.

Drawing Tablet Alternatives:

3 Drawing Tablets To Get You Started

Now that are finally ready to invest in a drawing tablet, here is a list of what you should start with. 

Model NameIPad
Screen Size10.2 Inches
Operating SystemIPadOS
Memory Storage Capacity64 GB
ColorBlack and white
Item Weight120 Grams
Operating SystemChrome os
SeriesTab S7 FE
Generation7th Generation
Screen Size12.4 Inches
Operating SystemAndroid 11.0

Looking for Resources?

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