Is Canva Pro Worth The Money?

By CreativB Studios – 18 May 2022

If you are thinking about investing in canva pro but arent sure if its actually worth it or not, In this article we will talk about who is canva beneficial for, the pros and cons, and a few poster templates that become available in the pro version.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free, drag-and-drop graphics design tool that was found in 2013 in Sydney, Australia

Anyone can use Canva to design content for social media posts, marketing, presentations, print products, etc. It has a very easy-to-understand user interface, thus making it convenient even for a beginner to start with graphic designing.

Canva has a Free and a Paid version.

A free version will provide enough features for you to create a design, but a paid version allows you much more templates, images, fonts, and features for a small price.

Who Will Canva Pro Benefit?

This is the thousand dollar question, who will canva pro benefit? Is canva free enough for what you do?

Canva free is perfect for personal brands that don’t have to focus on the design aspect much, meaning their content is strong enough to make up for the lack of design. Canva free is also perfect for small business owner starting out that doesn’t have many funds to invest in canva pro.

But if you want to use it for commercial use then investing in canva pro is the right move. Because canva pro allows a lot more flexibility in making designs than in the free version. 

Best features of canva pro:

  • Brand kit pro
  • Magic resize
  • Animations pro
  • Content planner
  • Unlimited content
  • Branded templates
  • Instant background remover

Canva Pro is especially perfect for when you have teams and don’t necessarily require a graphic designer for their field of work but occasionally require designs for their social media accounts as canva pro has millions of pre-made templates that you can quickly edit and export.

Conclusion: Canva Free for Personal brand, Canva Pro for Commercial Use.

Pros and Cons: Canva Pro


  • Anyone can be a designer using Canva
  • Canva is very simple to use and user friendly
  • Canva provides templates of the correct sizing for other online platforms
  • It is budget friendly
  • The site offers a variety of templates
  • You don’t need to worry about where to start on a blank canvas
  • Templates can be altered to be more custom
  • Canva offers a professional look and feel to your designs without getting a designer
  • Stock photography usage
  • Team access


  • Alignment concerns
  • Limited Export Settings
  • Intellectual property belongs to Canva
  • They can delete your account anytime
  • Cannot use without internet

Templates in Canva Pro

Canva Pro has many templates in many categories that you can use. We have compiled a few Pro version templates in the instagram post category.


Is canva pro worth it?

Definitely worth it, especially if you put in the fact that you can split the cost between 5 people in the most basic pro plans.

Canva is not just limited to images, but it includes animation, stock videos, fonts, sounds, etc. Canva Pro can level up your content.

But coming from a designers perspective with all its flexibility, canva is not a software that professional graphic designers use or should use for their clients. Because software like photoshop and illustrator offer A LOT more flexibility and the fact that you dont have to be online to use it is another advantage.

Looking for Resources?

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