Is Graphic Designing a Dying Profession? (2022)

By CreativB Studios – 05 April 2022

Absolutely not. Graphic designers are one of the integral parts of any business.

Depending on what your business is, if it is a brick-and-mortar business then you will need posters, menus, stickers, Advertisement designs and so much more to give it a professional look and boost your sales. And if you’re an online business then you will need social media designs, infographics, web design, UI/UX Design.

Although there is a misconception among many people who believe that graphic design is just one profession, whereas that’s not the case.

Graphic design is a vast field that includes many sub fields you can specialize in; some sub fields are doing better than others. For example, many businesses have come online (Especially after Covid-19) due to which the need for a web designer is greater than a publication designer.

So, as the world gets more technologically advanced, the need for graphic designers will increase provided that you keep learning and adding new skills which will help you advance your career.

Is Graphic Design a Good Career?

It definitely is a good career. Unfortunately, being successful in this industry depends on you and how passionate, hard-working, and committed you are to the craft.

The demand for graphic designers will keep on increasing and so will the competition.

In order to make yourself visible you should be willing to try new things and combine different styles.

So many graphic designers nowadays...

Okay, That’s true there are so many graphic designers nowadays charging such a small amount and not even providing quality content, which any business owner should avoid (Reasons Why You Should Avoid $5 Logo Designers), isn’t it too saturated to get into in 2022?

Well, yes! there are a lot of graphic designers nowadays especially post lock down and that’s because it seems like a profession where you can work from home, learn online from a course or a YouTube channel and without much investment start working as a graphic designer.

But that’s where the problem arises, once that person starts working for a client or an ad agency, they realize how difficult it truly is. And without working hard, putting in the time, and constantly learn new things that person may opt to find another profession.

That’s why it may seem saturated but if you are truly passionate about graphic designing then you must put in the time and work to get better and be known as a professional.

Saturation in graphic design

Will website like Canva and Wix replace Graphic designers?

No, Websites like Canva and Wix cannot replace graphic designers as they provide short term solutions rather than long term solutions.

For example, if you have a small – medium sized business and you are in need for a social media post on an urgent basis and you don’t have an in-house graphic designer nor have the time to hire a freelance designer to design one for you then Canva or Wix are great options as they provide various templates for various needs.

Also, how these websites work is that graphic designers create a template and uploading it on that website for it to be used. So, in the end graphic designers are needed and cannot be replaced by such websites.

Canva vs Wix logo

Will Artificial intelligence impact the graphic design profession?

Artificial intelligence will impact many professions to various degrees, but the impact on professions were human contact and creativity are required will likely be less as compared to other mechanical work.  

Research done by Brookings Institution on AI’s impact on different occupations states that: AI will have a larger impact on workers with higher wages and education, as AI can perform tasks related to learning, analyzing, predicting—all of which are skills typically required in higher paying jobs. On the other hand, AI’s impact on jobs that require human contact and creativity will likely be less, or at least more gradual.

Will graphic designers be needed in the future?

Yes, Because graphic design requires human intuition and emotions to make creative decisions and those creative decisions help impact consumer decision on a certain business or a product.

So, if you’re a creative person that has a passion for graphic design then this is the career for you. The success, however, will depend on how persistent you are on learning and adapting in this field

How do I get started though?


Well, if you belong from a region where graphic design institutions are available and affordable for you then get yourself enrolled into one.

Online Course

But if you belong from a region where good graphic design institutions aren’t available, but you cant afford to enroll in one then an online course is highly recommended.

Self Learn

Lastly if neither an institute nor funds are available to you can start by finding a mentor, it could be someone on YouTube or someone in your community, go through different YouTube channels, read blogs, go through case studies, read books, then start practicing putting out work on your social media and ask peoples opinion, this is definitely a longer way to learn graphic design.

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